To Minato OASIS Numazu welcome!沼津 みなと新鮮館That is the entrance of the port of Numazu.

Bus parking

[Bus parking information:
"We are arriving by the bus company.

1 利用料金
1-2,000 yen (maximum 2 hours)
If you use the store's fresh and the one,000 yen

Two parking hours

3 parking capacity
2 units (since the third thank you deadhead Numazu fish merchants cooperative parking. )

4 how to book
-Confirmation of acceptance, we will return FAX.
If you use the fresh House stores and via its store reservations please.
* If the FAX directly to the fresh hotel receptionist will be 2000 yen with no discount.

5 駐車料金の徴収
Fresh hotel(Bus)駐車場ご利用時、受付職員が領収書と引き換えに徴収させていただき

6 cancellation fee
Stay 2 days ago(Except for the date)までにキャンセルのご連絡がない場合は、利用料金
  に500円(Fees)The sum of the amount we charge.
Cancellation is approved by FAX the response from the fresh hotel reception.

7 the implementation period
From 5/1/2018

8 fresh building tenant communication and FAX
• Food processing •
• Gifts •
Numazu port fresh Hotel contact
Fresh hotel reception Tel 055-941-7001 Fax 055-954-1953

 Bus reservation form

 Bus routing destination guide

After the third bus service to Numazu port fresh hotel bus parking 2 cars, so please.

* Numazu fish merchants cooperative parking will be