To Minato OASIS Numazu welcome!沼津 みなと新鮮館That is the entrance of the port of Numazu.

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2017年12月10日 : Street performers (12 months)
(1) performers (planned)
Date and time: 3 days(Day)-10 days(Day)-17(Day)
The daily 10: 00-16:00

(2) place (planned)
Date and time: 9 days(Soil)-11 days(Moon)-23(Mon-Sat)
    ・24日(Day)-25 days(Moon)-28 (Thursday)
    ・29日(金)・30日(Soil)-31 days(Day)

Location: fresh Hotel North deck
2017December 1st. : Cartoonist tea rURI by Mr. 似顔絵会(12Moon)
Cartoonist tea rURI will be held by Mr. portrait painting.

Re: 12/23/2017(Soil)-24 days(Day) 10:00~16:00

Location: fresh Hotel North event space
2017December 1st. : Numazu port fresh building "thanks for the great year end Festival"
2017Thanks for the great year end Festival
(1)Boil evil-aligned unlimited sale
  12月30日(Soil)・31日(Day)The 9-12:00

(2)Changeover raffle
  特 賞 特選ズワイガニ   4本(1日1本)
  一等賞 館内共通千円商品券    8本(1日2本)
  二等賞 館内共通五百円商品券  40本(1日10本)
  店舗賞 毎日13本の優れもの       52本(1日13本)
  残念賞 ポケットティッシュ(空くじなし)

(3)IIDA Nori was new year's Eve live
New year's Eve (12/31(Day)) 16:00-

2018New year plan
   IIDA seaweed spawns new year live
New year's day – 3 days()Day 14:00-

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◆ Numazu harbor at night (and o, ENO)

Numazu port fresh hotel (with lyrics)