To Minato OASIS Numazu welcome!沼津 みなと新鮮館That is the entrance of the port of Numazu.

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2018March, 11. : By shunensai
9 years since opening fresh Museum port of Numazu.
Do the "9th Anniversary Festival" this year.
And look forward to welcoming many customers.
1 日時  平成30年4月14日(土)・15日(日)両日10時~16時
2 場所  Numazu port fresh hotel
3 contents
 (1) ガラポン抽選会(両日10時~16時)
   ①一等賞  TDRワンデイパスポートペア     計2本
   ②二等賞  沼津港深海水族館ペアご招待券    計10本
   ③三等賞  館内店舗専用五百円商品券      計260本
   ④四等賞  駄菓子               計2,000本
 (2) 飯田のりたかライヴ(両日14時~)
 (3) バルーンアート(両日10時~16時(随時))
 (4) 大道芸(両日10時~16時)
 (5) 茶畑るりの似顔絵会(両日10時~16時)

2018年3月3日 : By daidogei
3Entertainers, entertainer (planned)
(1)Street performers
Re: 3/3(Soil)-10 days(Soil)-11 days(Day)-17(Soil)-18(Day)21Day(Wed)-31 days(Soil)
The daily 10: 00-16:00
Location: fresh Hotel North deck
(Or backyard bike part of the Park)

The daily 10: 00-16:00
Location: fresh Hotel North deck

2018年3月2日 : By chabatake
3March 17, (Saturday), 18, (Sunday) tea plantation Ruriko 似顔絵会

Cartoonist tea rURI will be held by Mr. portrait painting.

1 Re: 3/17/2018(Soil)-18(Day)10:00-16:00

2 place: fresh Hotel North event space

2018On March 1st. : By ichigo
3May 10, (Saturday).EMA Strawberry AssociationOf public relations

1 Re 3/10/2018 (Saturday) 11 am-(lasts for distribution "Strawberry")

2 place fresh Hotel event space

3 distribution of information brochures, coupons, Strawberry (limited quantity)

2018On March 1st. : By dog
3January 4, (Saturday) society for animal Petting

1 Re 3/4/2018 (Sunday)

2 place on the north side deck

3 what animals Petting animals with groups see Fairy House"(the dog) is

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Numazu port fresh hotel (with lyrics)