To Minato OASIS Numazu welcome!沼津 みなと新鮮館That is the entrance of the port of Numazu.

Fresh seafood on the spot kara揚ge!Deep-fried seafood dish, salt dried food round sense

Fresh seafood on the spot kara揚ge!Deep-fried seafood dish, salted 丸 勘

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★ 500 yen Bowl first was!
★ boiled you can eat cheap food, such as Don young sardine and tuna suki身 Bowl fresh Numazu fish.
★ Search in I started Twitter ★ Metropolitan Numazu circle hunch!



Clean the coin Bowl lineup!

★ non-fishing ban period is depending on the weather
But morning catch sardines do not even one coin

★ boiled Shirasu Bowl ¥ 500
★ tuna suki身 Bowl ¥ 500
Two colors of Shirasu ★ tuna rice bowl ¥ 500
★ fish, Pork cutlet rice bowl ¥ 500
★ fish, Chicken Rice Bowl ¥ 500
★ shrimp fry-rice bowl ¥ 500

★ set the dried horse mackerel, mackerel soy sauce dried meal 600 Yen
★ refills free miso soup ¥ 100
I'm selling just rice(100Yen, 300 yen)
★ get seasonal daily rice.

☆ Gift perfect for 3,000 yen set!
Dried 6 type set with plenty of volume with total 18 pieces.

And others)
Any black 1500 Yen
Torrents 真あじ 5 / pkg 1,300 yen
UME ¥ 1,500

550 Yen corner
真aji(Salt and sauce) mackerel(Salt and soy sauce)Shizu, snapper and Red fish, because in Hikari, Camas, a bag ALL 550 yen and bargain!

☆ order from hoist corner
Book shrimp m because of Hikari and acne help, Numazu brand certified product

☆ our gifts for the local shipping also available
From our homepage toll free at all product orders can be like now.
An extensive menu and FAX paper.

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