To Minato OASIS Numazu welcome!沼津 みなと新鮮館That is the entrance of the port of Numazu.

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Including seasonal! Bring the taste of the local JAなんすん

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★ luxury with gem "jutaro sorta' balance the height of sweetness, acidity and sweetness, flavor"jutaro Orange wine' on sale now! Finished in a refreshing and fragrant taste. "Jutaro orange juice" is now on sale!

★ JA it's introducing the original delicious iced with Dandong, milk, milk and coffee ice cream, and salt ice cream! In addition, Numazu tea, Blueberry pumpkin tomato milk rice and lemon are popular for sale!

★ Numazu Tokyu Hotel chef okuzawa Yoshikazu supervision under the package for helping our Numazu West high school art Department, the curries! Recommended souvenir tomorrow or beef increased, so too has doubled.



[Dan Orange 100% fresh squeezed juice:
Grew up in Nishiura district in Numazu City Shibaura jutaro Mikan (origin: Numazu Nishiura) in the exquisite balance of acidity and sweetness, flavor is "delicious" features the "AWN wars!" and brand Tangerine jam "is. Targeted to the luxury that jutaro Mikan "jutaro Orange 100% fresh squeezed juice", intense flavor and sweetness is a prized possession. Bottle 180 ml 300 yen (tax included)

[Dan-Orange wine sparkling]
"2014 prize that new product selection! "Jutaro Tangerine flavor, featuring sparkling wine is fruity and sweet and clean. Enjoy wraps the tongue like a fine refreshing bubbles. Bottle 500 ml 1300 yen (tax included)

[Sweet lemonade:
"Lemonade" is a fruit sweet eaten raw and is characterized by showcase the refreshing lemon scent of sour, have been produced in Nishiura district in Numazu City. By using such 'lemonade' suite unde is closer to the fruit in fruit juice 40% "it's anus be" finished with a refreshing taste. Bottle 180 ml 300 yen (tax included)

Using tea leaves was raised in Mt. ashitaka sacred Mt. Fuji to take back only "be!-Chan", highlights in taste and the aroma and taste of tea leaves. Served in a "hot" or "cold" and various scenes! 1 400 g 130 yen (tax included)

[Tomorrow or beef curry]
Tomorrow or cow is characterized by ashitaka at the foot, use our feeds and painstakingly brought up flavorful tender meat. So tomorrow or beef flavor and meat intact, okuzawa Yoshikazu supervision from Numazu Tokyu Hotel Executive Chef under the in European sources slowly and carefully, with aromas of spices and flavors mellow Curry flavor-filled,. 1 box 180 g 600 yen (tax included)

[Various ice]
Equipped with local ice cream using local products. Dan Orange, of course, Numazu and enjoy different flavors, such as ice tea or milk salt.

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