Numazu Local Song SUPER FINAL BEST Edition CDNow available for free!
(Lyrics, composition, arrangement, singing, performance: Noritaka Iida)

This is a CD album containing 12 songs that have been created for 20 years of local songs in Numazu.
The song "Numazu Minato Freshkan's Theme Song", which won the first place in the local song ranking in the national network radio program project and was also played on the national network TV program, is also recorded with karaoke
The song is also played in the BGM of Numazu Minato Freshkan, and the number of CDs distributed for free from the beginning of the opening on April 26, 2009 until now is Guinness class? It is the final version of the rumored CD in the streets.
"Numazu Minato Freshkan Theme Song" is currently a crab-related version.

Please use it as a souvenir of Numazu!