To Minato OASIS Numazu welcome!沼津 みなと新鮮館That is the entrance of the port of Numazu.

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2018December 14. : daidogei12
12Entertainers, entertainer (planned)

(2)See the monkey(Planned)
  日時:12月15Day()-28()-29()・30日(Day)-31 days()
The 10:00-16:00
Location: fresh Hotel North deck

(1)Street performers(Planned)
 日時:12月2日(Day)・9日(Day)-16Day(Day)-23(Sundays and holidays)-24 days(月休)
The daily 10: 00-16:00
Location: fresh Hotel North deck
(Or backyard bike part of the Park)

2018December 1st. : Numazu port fresh building "thanks for the great year end Festival"
2018Thanks for the great year end Festival
(1)Boil evil-aligned unlimited sale

(2)Changeover raffle
12/28()-31 days()Of 10 am-4 pm
  特 賞 特選ズワイガ二      4本(1Day 1)
First prize the hotel common 1000 yen gift certificate eight(1Day 2)
2 Prize Hotel common 500 yen gift certificate 40(1Day 10)
Shop award every day better 13 52(1Day 13)
Pity Awards Pocket tissue
* Total 1000 yen for a hotel receipt able changeover time.

(3)IIDA Nori was new year's Eve live
New year's Eve (12/31()) 16:00-

2019New year plan
   IIDA seaweed spawns new year live
New year's day – 3 days(Wood)Day 14:00-

2018December 1st. : chabatake12
Cartoonist tea rURI will be held by Mr. portrait painting.
1 日時:平成30年12月23日(日祝)10:00~16:00
2 place: fresh Hotel North event space

2018December 1st. : kyukanbi
2018Years12月の休館日は、11日(火)And25日(火)It is.

Numazu port fresh hotelは、毎月第2火曜日、第4火曜日お休みBon appétit.

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